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Waterfront & Children's Play Area

OUR DOCK at Deerview…..


Regarding swimming in the crystal clear water of our spring fed lake…..we have a large dock which is 16' X 20'

Sandy Bottom Beside Dock at Shoreline

On the sides of the dock at the shoreline the water is sand bottomed and 6 inches deep.

The children can play on the sandy area around the sides of the dock. The water gradually gets deeper as you move out toward the end of the dock.

Sandy Shallow Area For Little Children

We have had children of all ages enjoy the waterfront. The little ones learn to find their confidence at the water’s edge and play in the sandy area where the land meets the shoreline.

We recommend life jackets for all ages and expect parent supervision at all times.

Dive from the Dock

At the farthest end of the dock from the shore the water is approximately 5' deep but deepens rapidly thus permitting diving off the end of the dock.. There is a ladder for convenience to climb back up easily at the end of the dock.

Relax on The Dock

You can choose the shade of the magnificent pine trees close to the shoreline of the dock…..or move a few feet away from the shore and enjoy the glorious sunshine!

Over the years we have had grandchildren and dozens of visiting children and youth enjoy the beach and water. They all love the 'splash island' located between the docks.

Two Canoes For Your Use

There is one dock at the edge of the property simply for the canoes; that way there is a clear view of all people on the main dock.

People of all ages love the clear spring fed water of Patterson Lake.

Splash Island

Our young visitors have fallen in love with ‘Splash Island’ which was recently replaced by a new unit. It’s a great place to swim to…. and all the children enjoy their own special water spot where they jump, play, chat, and connect with each other.

Children’s Play Area

When children are not at the beach they can play in the park above the cottage where there are swings, a slide and a sandbox for the younger children. This area is well shaded. 

In front of the cottage is a large open grassy space where children do have fun with simple games, balls, hoops and nature activities. They can all catch fish, frogs and see nature at its best. 

An outdoor open fireplace with plenty of free firewood makes campfires an exciting end of the day. Do not forget to bring the marshmallows!

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